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wpc vs plywood

What is the difference between marine plywood and WPC boards?

Marine plywood and WPC boards have similar characteristics – they are moisture-resistant, termite-resistant, suitable for outdoor applications, and for carpentry work in moisture-laden areas such as kitchens and bathrooms. Which Is Cheaper WPC or Plywood? Good quality WPC boards are costlier than marine plywood.

What is the difference between WPC and sawdust?

The proportion of the recycled plastic in the WPC board is about 75% and sawdust is about 15% and the remaining is the additives. WPC boards have good resistance to moisture because of the presence of a high amount of plastic in them. The plastic makes it completely waterproof and does not allow water to penetrate into it. What Is Plywood?

What is WPC board made of?

WPC Board: WPC is a Mixture of sawdust and plastics. They are a hundred percent water-resistant and termite-proof material. Plywood: Pywood surface is very hard and delivers superior water-resistant qualities. They are made from tropical hardwood veneers and jointed using water-resistant adhesive.

Does WPC board catch fire?

WPC Board: WPC does not burn with flames due to the presence of plastic material and special additives. WPC is a polymer-based material and does not catch fire. Plywood: Plywood burns with flame and is more suspectable to heat. 4.

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