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What are the top 10 public health success stories this year?

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1. COVID-19 Vaccines: The development and successful rollout of multiple COVID-19 vaccines in record time have been a groundbreaking achievement in public health, leading to a significant decline in COVID-19 cases and deaths in many countries.

2. Reduced Global Measles Cases: In 2021, there has been a substantial decline in reported measles cases worldwide, largely due to effective vaccination campaigns and greater access to vaccines.

3. Decline in Smoking Rates: Many countries have reported a decline in smoking rates, thanks to robust tobacco control policies, anti-smoking campaigns, and increased awareness about the health hazards of smoking.

4. Elimination of Wild Poliovirus in Africa: Africa was declared free of wild poliovirus in August 2020 after a successful immunization campaign, marking a major milestone in the global effort to eradicate polio.

5. Reduction in Child Mortality: Child mortality rates continue to decline globally, reflecting improvements in healthcare infrastructure, access to essential medicines, and increased focus on maternal and child health programs.

6. Decreased HIV/AIDS Mortality: Advances in HIV treatment and prevention strategies have led to a significant reduction in HIV/AIDS-related deaths worldwide, with improved access to antiretroviral therapy and innovative prevention measures.

7. The Eradication of Guinea Worm Disease: In 2021, there have been only a few reported cases of guinea worm disease, bringing us closer to the goal of eradicating this parasitic infection altogether.

8. Maternal and Infant Mortality Reduction: Many countries have made substantial progress in reducing maternal and infant mortality rates, driven by increased investment in prenatal care, skilled birth attendants, improved access to healthcare facilities, and education for expectant mothers.

9. Improved Water and Sanitation: Efforts to improve access to clean drinking water and sanitation facilities worldwide have had a positive impact on public health, reducing waterborne diseases and improving overall hygiene.

10. Mental Health Initiatives: Increased awareness and destigmatization of mental health issues have led to the expansion of mental health services, improved access to care, and the implementation of supportive policies, benefiting many individuals globally.

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