The Keynote Speaker (Half 1): Sitting Down for One other Chat With Dr Eric Serrano

Let’s return in time to the Society of Weight-Coaching Specialists 2005 Symposium held in Mississauga, Canada on November 4-5, 2005. It was touted as The Better of SWIS – The Closing Symposium and for good motive. A number of the high names within the business had been there together with Dr. John Berardi, Charles Poliquin, Paul Chek, Dave Tate, Charles Staley, and Joe DeFranco simply to call just a few. All of those guys ought to be acquainted to the weightlifting viewers.

Who had the honour to ship the keynote presentation amongst all these giants? It was none apart from Dr. Eric Serrano. Serrano has all the time been one of many extra in style presenters at SWIS, and he’s regarded fairly extremely by his friends in relation to sports activities vitamin and supplementation. The person is aware of his stuff – there is no doubt about that.

I had the pleasure to sit down down with Dr. Serrano in the course of the occasion for one more informative interview. We tried to speak at lunch on the primary day, however with huge, considerably opinionated Dave Tate at our desk, who may ever get a phrase in edgewise, or extra appropriately, who would ever attempt? Really, the place was so loud and our time was restricted that it was a little bit of a bust. We fared significantly better on the second day after we took off throughout one of many periods to a distant space of the convention corridor. Armed with a Dictaphone in a single hand and a bunch of questions scribbled on a web page within the different hand, I fired away!

Now, quick ahead to at this time. Why did it take over a yr to get this story to you? Quite simple – I have been extraordinarily busy! Writing is just not my main occupation; coaching is! It isn’t like I write a ton for EzineArticles frequently, however I’ve had my fair proportion of articles printed right here. Nonetheless, this previous yr, specifically, has been killer! I will not bore you with all the main points, however suffice it to say, writing was positively placed on the again burner.

That isn’t to say that I didn’t attempt to get this out sooner. I really had three individuals try and decipher the interview – my spouse, my assistant, and my youngsters’ caregiver – and all three failed miserably. Why? Two causes:

  1. They may not perceive what the hell we had been speaking about, and
  2. They may not perceive a phrase that got here out of Eric’s mouth! (He is bought a fairly thick Puerto Rican accent.)

In order that meant I needed to do the leg work. Anyhow, sufficient speak already. This classic wine must be uncorked! Let’s get to it.

JP: How do you detect overreaching and overtraining? What ought to one do in a scenario like this? Everybody has stress of their lives – how will we curb it?

ES: If you find yourself speaking about overreaching and overtraining, you have to watch out as a result of most individuals will simply take a look at your coaching program and say you are advantageous. Nicely, they do not take a look at your sleeping habits. Are you married with youngsters? Are you relationship somebody behind your spouse’s again? Are you going to church? Are you working? You have to take a look at all these elements.

To gauge stress, you’ll be able to all the time measure cortisol within the blood, and now you’ll be able to even measure its conversion within the urine which supplies you a greater image. Analysis additionally signifies that measuring amino acids is efficient, particularly the glutamine to glutamic acid ratio ought to be a sure quantity. If I measure that within the blood, I can inform straight away if you’re overtraining. I found this ratio after reviewing quite a lot of analysis papers, nevertheless it’s my little secret!

JP: What’s your opinion of the Adrenal Stress Index check by Diagnostechs? This can be a saliva check used to measure free cortisol rhythm all through the day (in addition to testing DHEA, insulin, progesterone, and a bunch of different issues.)

ES: Saliva testing for cortisol is extra correct than blood, and urine is much more correct than each of them nevertheless it’s additionally dearer. The physique eliminates cortisol by degrading it to cortisone which you’ll be able to then measure within the urine. For many functions, although, saliva is nice sufficient and the ASI check by Diagnostechs is fairly good.

JP: By the way in which, would you verify progesterone ranges in a male, and would you ever prescribe it to a male?

ES: The one time I might verify progesterone ranges in a male is when their testosterone or DHEA ranges don’t return to regular, or they’re depressed, or they expertise joint issues. Then I might verify it. Progesterone is definitely thought-about the mom hormone.

JP: Grasp on a second. I assumed Pregnenlone was the mom of all hormones?

ES: Nicely, what comes after pregnenlone? Progesterone, in fact. I might reasonably prescribe progesterone than pregnenlone to bypass an pointless step. Why construct a home from the basement when you can begin on the primary flooring, to make use of a free analogy? I’ve tried this with just a few males with low testosterone and it has labored fairly nicely. Simply 100 mgs and so they really feel nice – no extra melancholy, no extra complications, and so on. so I do suppose it has benefit in sure instances.

Now it may well get fairly difficult as a result of progesterone can enhance androgen ranges (i.e. anabolic hormones) or it may well enhance cortisol (i.e. a catabolic hormone.) I can manipulate these pathways considerably by giving the affected person only a little bit of cortisone to encourage progesterone towards the androgenic route.

JP: Maintain up their doc. For those who give cortisone, aren’t you including gas to the hearth?

ES: Oh, good query! Give it some thought this fashion. You probably have a affected person who’s beneath an excessive quantity of stress and they’re already producing fairly a little bit of cortisol, by giving them simply sufficient exogenous cortisone, it may well assist decrease their endogenous cortisol manufacturing considerably by means of suggestions inhibition. It is a method of tricking the physique!

JP: Ahhh, very like the trick you utilize with hyperchlorydic sufferers (i.e. individuals who produce an excessive amount of abdomen acid), you give them a little bit of HCL to decrease their very own manufacturing.

ES: That is proper.

JP: Good! What in regards to the controversy that DHEA is over-prescribed at this time, and that after a month of use, in most males it is going to enhance estrogen ranges and in most females testosterone. Is that this true?

ES: That is very true, though it is dependent upon the dosage in addition to the scale of the individual. For example, you do not need to begin the common feminine on 50 mgs of DHEA proper off the bat. All the time begin low and work your method up. Even a 25 mg dose is an excessive amount of most often. Begin round half that quantity and work up in 5 mg doses for finest impact. For males, I begin them at 25 mgs.

JP: Do you have to cycle off of DHEA after a sure time period?

ES: In case you are under the age of 40 for males and 35 for females, then it is best to cycle DHEA. Above these ages, there is no have to since you aren’t producing that a lot anymore.

Understand that it is vitally frequent for individuals to make use of DHEA and testosterone collectively. This can be a mistake. What occurs while you use each of them concurrently? They spill over into estrogen!

JP: Okay, whereas we’re on the topic, what are the most effective types of DHEA (i.e. sublingual, oral, and so on.) and testosterone?

ES: For DHEA, sublingual is finest and for testosterone, lotions and injections work finest however I do want the cream kind.

JP: Which cream – Androgel or Testim?

ES: One other nice query! Here is the low down between the tw Androgel will lead to greater complete testosterone ranges whereas Testim will provide you with greater free ranges which is definitely extra fascinating. The opposite distinction is within the odor. Most females might be drawn to guys utilizing Testim than Androgel.

JP: Fascinating! What are your views on Testosterone substitute and anti-aging therapies then?

ES: I imagine in testosterone substitute and never only for males. Testosterone is definitely probably the most underprescribed remedy for females. I could give a feminine a packet of Testim or Androgel to make use of each 4 or 5 days relying on her scenario (i.e. signs, menstrual cycle, and so on.)

Melatonin is one other anti-aging treatment. People who find themselves depressed and have a tough time sleeping at night time usually current with very excessive cortisol ranges. Melatonin may also help counter the ill-effects of cortisol and induce sleep if taken at bedtime. The issue is that most individuals take too excessive of a dose. Once more, begin low at round 1-2 mgs and work your method up from there.

JP: Good recommendation, however let’s return to testosterone for a second. What would you suggest to a feminine all for experimenting with steroids? How about pure strategies to reinforce testosterone in females? And extra importantly, how does a man increase his girlfriend’s or spouse’s libido by means of the roof with out her figuring out it???

ES: My first query to her can be why do you need to experiment with steroids? Is it well being associated or efficiency associated? As a doctor, I can’t prescribe any drug for efficiency enhancing functions; nevertheless, if she was to ask me what my sincere opinion is of whether or not a feminine can compete at a excessive stage with out these ergogenic aids, my reply can be [At this point, the noise in the restaurant was so loud, you could not hear a thing on the tape. It got better around here] is a product that isn’t available on the market but that accommodates tribulus, avena sativa, longjack and different little goodies. We have used this on females with unbelievable outcomes. We measured testosterone ranges and in 100% of the instances (we used 19 girls within the research), complete testosterone didn’t rise however free testosterone positively did go up. They may not clarify why, however the entire topics felt higher after utilizing this product.

Now, about elevating your girlfriend’s or spouse’s libido with out her figuring out, nicely there’s a sneaky method of doing it however you didn’t hear it from me. Theoretically, if a person was to use some testosterone cream to his physique and whereas it is recent, hop into mattress and provides his accomplice an excellent huge hug (and possibly maintain onto her just a few seconds longer than regular), there is a good probability {that a} small quantity might (by chance) rub off on her. The truth is, they’ve studied this in actual life with Androgel, imagine it or not, and it did considerably elevate the accomplice’s testosterone ranges very quickly!

JP: Wow, speak about 2 for 1! I’ve heard of females making use of a small quantity of testosterone cream to the clitoris to spice up libido, however this one has some severe potential… umm, I imply that may be very unethical. Disgrace on you!

Whereas we’re on the vagina (so to talk), is there any solution to enhance your probabilities of conceiving a male? As I perceive it, the extra alkaline the atmosphere, the higher your probabilities for male conception. Is that true?

ES: Sure, that’s true considerably however there are different elements concerned. For example, the male Y chromosome is quicker and weaker; whereas, the feminine X chromosome is stronger and slower and thus will keep round longer with a greater probability for survival. That’s the reason there are extra feminine conceptions. To higher your probabilities of persevering with the household title, have intercourse as near ovulation as doable. The atmosphere is extra alkaline at that time and it’ll enhance the probabilities of the Y chromosome making it by means of.

JP: I do know you can be presenting a seminar on this matter quickly, however are you able to briefly describe the diagnostic strategies you utilize to guage hormones?

ES: Nicely, you’ve urine, saliva and blood. As I discussed beforehand, if I’ve a selection, I want urine as a result of it provides you the breakdown of metabolites over the previous 24 hours. Blood will solely provide you with a snapshot of that specific time and it isn’t all the time really indicative of what is occurring in your system. For those who had been watching a soccer recreation, for instance, and your workforce misplaced, your blood work would present elevated cortisol and depressed testosterone values for that specific time. So how are you aware if this a traditional studying or not? Urine is extra correct on this method.

JP: Let’s focus on the thyroid gland for a second. If TSH ranges are excessive, how do you go about enhancing thyroid perform by pure means? And only for a evaluate, what about if TSH ranges are low? Additionally, do you’re feeling that the morning physique temperature check is legitimate to gauge thyroid perform? It has been criticized fairly a bit recently.

ES: , I’ve performed round with this fairly a bit, but when somebody comes together with excessive TSH, I do not idiot round. It is simply too essential. I place them on Armour Thyroid which is definitely a pure thyroid supply – no complement is as efficient. The truth is, if it is vitally excessive, I’ll use Thyrolar first which is an artificial model of T4/T3, after which introduce Armour Thyroid as soon as their ranges normalize. And I’ve had some instances in my workplace the place I’ve been capable of wean sufferers off of Armour Thyroid after 6-9 months of use so they aren’t on it endlessly. They simply wanted a little bit of vitamin (i.e. uncooked materials) to feed the thyroid gland to get it working once more!

If TSH ranges are very low, you have to discover out why they’re hyperthyroid, e.g. Is it Graves illness? Have they got cysts? And many others.

Really, many individuals can current with regular TSH ranges however their thyroid can nonetheless be out of whack. Many medication/medicines are culprits for this.

Here is one other facet that you could be not have considered. Why do individuals acquire weight after they fairly smoking? One of many main causes is that nicotine will increase the conversion of T4 to T3. Nicely, when nicotine is not there, T3 ranges start to drop!

Concerning the morning physique temperature check, to ensure that it to be correct, you need to check it on the precise time, place, and so on. If you don’t standardize the check correctly, it is going to have an effect on the outcomes and that is why it has been criticized a lot.

JP: Okay, how in regards to the adrenals? You have talked about prior to now utilizing a product like Normal Course of Drenamin to regenerate the adrenals. What’s the precise protocol that you simply use on this case?

ES: If I’ve somebody that’s extremely careworn, I’ll begin them on hydrocortisone (60 mg for a male, 40 mg for a feminine) and so they do nice! This works extraordinarily nicely for sufferers with fibromyalgia as nicely. Keep in mind, these people are working their adrenals so laborious to make cortisol that the hydrocortisone will actually and figuratively ease the stress! It should assist the adrenals relaxation. There afterward, I could prescribe a product like Drenamin.

I do not actually use protocols in my workplace as a result of as quickly as I say I’ve a protocol, somebody goes to come back round and mess it up. My theories will go down the drain and one affected person can throw every thing out the window! It is all the time completely different for everybody. I could say out of hundred individuals, 50 or 60 can use this protocol. That could be a safer strategy.

I usually verify the adrenal gland perform by measuring DHEAS, cortisol (urine cortisol if doable), T4, T3, TSH, estrogen, progesterone, and (complete & free) testosterone. I might then display for signs.

JP: What about utilizing one thing like licorice root to increase the half lifetime of cortisol?

ES: Ohhh, I’ve some lovely data for you. Okay, oral licorice will prolong the half lifetime of cortisol however on the expense of what? Your androgenic hormones – meaning decrease testosterone! Nonetheless, when you topically apply licorice cream to an space, guess what occurs? You lose fats in that space! I am not making these things up – it has been confirmed by means of ultrasound measurements.

JP: Talking of shedding fats, I’ve heard you point out that females have greater intramuscular triglyceride ranges and due to this, their coaching ought to be barely completely different than that of males for physique composition. You suggest that they comply with their high-intensity interval work with decrease depth exercise. Are you able to focus on this additional?

ES: There are two kinds of triglycerides – one within the plasma and the opposite within the muscle. My principle is that you simply begin females on a 5-10 minute warm-up, for instance a jog, not solely to decrease blood sugar but in addition plasma triglycerides. Then you definately introduce high-intensity interval coaching (HIIT). I’ve found that the optimum time for HIIT is 12 minutes of 6-12 seconds excessive intervals adopted by 9-15 seconds of low intervals. Understand that you may begin a newbie at solely 3 minutes complete length after which progressively ramp them up from there. Then, you’ll be able to finish with a 5-10 minute cool-down. You possibly can prolong this slightly longer for females however most length of time mustn’t exceed 42 minutes – after this level, you begin consuming away your muscle mass!

JP: Sounds cheap. I am curious, what kind of prescription do you utilize to detoxify the liver? And the way usually?

ES: In my workplace, I’ve entry to IV administration which is the route I might take if a affected person has a drastic liver situation corresponding to hepatitis. Nonetheless, for a easy detox, there are just a few necessities:

  1. Repair the weight loss program. Be sure that they’re consuming correctly.
  2. Give them enzymes as a result of the liver, imagine it or not, will make enzymes as nicely so that may ease the burden.

JP: Let me interject for one second, Eric. Whenever you prescribe digestive enzymes, when the hell must you take them? Earlier than the meal? Throughout the meal? After? Everybody appears to have a distinct suggestion!

ES: Okay, to begin with, as quickly as you begin chewing one thing, your system begins to make enzymes. Now in case you have somebody that has issues producing [stomach] acid, then give them HCL firstly of the meal and digestive enzymes half an hour after the meal to assist digestion. For these people who would not have acid-related issues, they’ll take a broad-spectrum enzyme throughout their meal.

There are usually three causes that individuals would take enzymes in complement kind:

  1. As an anti-inflammatory agent (during which case, you’ll take them on an empty abdomen between meals),
  2. For digestive functions (see above), or
  3. To ease the stress on the liver and pancreas.

Whether it is for the latter objective, then take your enzymes half an hour earlier than you eat to get them into your system thereby decreasing the stress on the liver and pancreas while you do eat. You see, so timing of enzymes (or any complement for that matter) actually is dependent upon the aim!

JP: Ahhh, understood. Glad I requested. Let’s get again to the liver!

ES: Sure, by the way in which, anybody that works out could have elevated liver enzymes. The liver will work tougher if you’re coaching. There is not any doubt about that. I might prescribe enzymes as I simply talked about, in addition to glutathione, alpha-lipoic acid, excessive doses of Vitamin C (at the very least 3 grams orally), and co-enzyme Q-10. Why co-Q10? As a result of the liver is likely one of the most metabolically energetic organs within the physique! It’s all the time working and there are many mitochondria to assist.

Additionally, guarantee that they keep away from casein merchandise. Casein is a ³cheesy² protein that may kind a glob in your abdomen and many individuals have a tough time digesting it. It’s a main allergen in most individuals, and thus, the liver is compelled to make antibodies which in flip, can overwork it.

Whey, then again, is okay to make use of ideally hydrolysed whey. On the whole, I’m a fan of high quality whey protein focus, however on this case, it might not be useful on account of greater lactose ranges, and as you already know, many individuals are lactose illiberal.

Nonetheless, if I had just one selection for a protein although, then I must return to breast milk! What does breast milk give that no different protein supply can ship? Colostrum, IGGs, IGMs, Lactoferrin, and so on. Mainly, all the expansion properties for human growth. There isn’t any different supply of protein that fairly compares to breast milk. Interval.

There is a product on the market referred to as 80-40 which is a mix of lactoferrin and colostrum however nobody is aware of about it but (till now, in fact!) We have examined it with nice outcomes! In six weeks of utilizing this product (15 grams taken thrice a day between meals for a complete of 45 grams per day), topics gained 11-12 kilos of muscle. They didn’t change their way of life in any respect and there was no drug involvement. Every thing else remained fixed. In the end, this product is attempting to duplicate the expansion properties present in mom’s milk, and let me inform you, it’s superior! It actually works! I am going to ship you some to check out.

JP: I suppose you’ll be able to take a look at this product as tit for tat! Please do ship me some while you get an opportunity – I simply ran out of my provide of “breast” milk! My youngest is simply too outdated now for the so-called “fountain of youth!” Oh nicely.

How we went from some of the under-appreciated organs to some of the appreciated organs (at the very least for males, that’s), I do not know however let’s get again to that topic.

How do you’re feeling about cleaning diets? What about cleaning dietary supplements? RenewLife, as an example, has heavy metallic, parasite, liver and colon cleaning kits. Would these be good to take periodically, say one each 3-4 months? And if that’s the case, would you improve any of them?

ES: Initially, I might not contemplate these as cleaning merchandise, however reasonably, therapeutic merchandise since you are treating a situation. So far as cleaning is anxious, I might by no means advocate an entire quick the place you eat no meals for a number of days, nor would I like to recommend a juice quick. These are very unhealthy practices. I might, then again, encourage enhance fluid consumption (i.e. water, soups, and so on.) and I all the time embody enzymes for this objective.

JP: To not belabor this level, however when would you utilize enzymes right here? With meals? Between meals?

ES: Each instances.

JP: Now, is it doable to take too many enzymes in day? I imply, is it detrimental to take them too usually? Will they shut down your individual manufacturing on account of overconsumption?

ES: No, they won’t as a result of the enzymes will begin working however they will even break one another down. In different phrases, the enzymes you devour will kind a fancy with these within the physique, and this advanced, will slowly be damaged down (i.e. digested) over time.

In 1962, there was an fascinating research the place they took completely different organs, chopped them up and traced them within the physique utilizing a radioactive marker. Utilizing chopped up coronary heart, for instance, they discovered that 71% of the tracer ended up within the coronary heart! Chopped liver ended up within the liver, and so on. Why this happens, nobody is aware of. Solely God is aware of.

Take the animal kingdom for instance, when a lion kills its prey, the King of the litter will come and eat the liver first. Then everybody else can have the remainder. Nobody can contact that liver aside from the King. Why? One thing is occurring however we do not actually know the reply.

Additionally, North America is the one tradition that doesn’t routinely devour these inner organs. The place I come from, we eat every thing – tongue, coronary heart, lungs – you title it. Again in Puerto Rico, there was a time when boxers would suggest that you simply eat the inner organs to enhance efficiency.

JP: Actually! In that case, is it higher to make use of bovine or porcine concentrates in dietary supplements?

ES: Whether it is natural, favor bovine. If not, then use porcine. You do not need to mess with mad cow illness.

JP: By no means considered that. Okay, what are you able to inform me about hydrogen peroxide IV drips?

ES: That is very controversial, really. There’s a huge lawsuit proper now the place a girl in Florida died from hydrogen peroxide remedy and the household is suing the doctor. The American School of Superior Drugs goes to battle to attempt to defend this man.

Now, when you requested me if these things will kill you, I might say no method! It is a good way to kill micro organism within the physique, nevertheless it will not kill you if administered correctly. I’ve many colleagues that swear by it.

Understand that infections within the 1950’s and 60’s had been handled with IV acid and it labored nice!

[Traumeel injected straight into an injured muscle is very effective. Within 24 hours, you will notice a considerable difference. People who could not lift their arm, for instance, had full mobility the next day after being injected with Traumeel. It’s quite impressive.]

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