Gymnastics Coaching Article – Forged Handstand on Uneven Bars

Many gymnastics coaches don’t assign sufficient sport particular conditioning or perceive the mechanics of the forged on bars. When the gymnast makes an attempt to forged earlier than her shoulders are within the appropriate place, her physique goes out quite than up. She additionally has much less momentum if she makes an attempt to forged after her legs attain the entrance help place along with her ft behind her. The gymnast’s legs don’t have as environment friendly a forged as she does when she leans ahead to see her knees earlier than she casts.

A gymnast should see her knees earlier than she makes an attempt to forged. Her physique should go from the pike place to almost straight (hole) place quite than from straight to arched for a correct forged handstand. In different phrases, a gymnast should get her shoulders over the bar earlier than she makes an attempt to kick her legs for the forged. She should compress nicely and lean ahead sufficient to put her shoulders in a planche place. Many gymnasts don’t perceive the idea of holding their ft in entrance of the bar (or seeing their ft) out of the kip earlier than the forged. That is principally a timing concern, but additionally a lack of know-how of the momentum and physique shapes. With the forged handstand, if the timing is appropriate it is going to be a lot simpler to type the proper shapes.

An arch within the again will not be the right physique place for a forged to handstand. Many gymnasts arch as a result of they’re attempting to forged from an already straight form quite than from the compressed form. Coaches shouldn’t enable their gymnasts to forged with an arch as a result of that may simply grow to be a nasty behavior which may be very tough to appropriate.

So many gymnasts additionally battle with this ability as a result of they lack the higher physique energy required to raise their physique. The forged handstand is a simulation of the entrance lateral elevate train that many train fans carry out with solely with a fraction of their weight. As a health coach, I’ve seen many feminine purchasers battle with lower than 5%-10% of their physique weight throughout this train. Even the extra superior health fans and bodybuilders solely use a fraction of their physique weight with this train. A gymnast should be capable of open the shoulder angle fully with somewhat momentum and sufficient energy to raise most of her body weight.

Maybe, figuring out this, the gymnastics coach can assist their younger gymnast progress towards their objective, the forged handstand, by permitting small will increase in energy when utilizing dumbbells or a firming bar for conditioning. A terrific step could be to make use of extraordinarily gentle weights, similar to picket dowels to show the mechanics of the forged. As soon as the mechanics are mastered, the younger gymnast can graduate to a 1.5 – 2 pound dumbbell in every hand. Take precautions! Many youngsters, though they’ve just lately grow to be accustomed to actually tossing their physique weight round throughout gymnastics coaching, don’t have any expertise utilizing weights for energy coaching.

Right here is one very helpful gymnastics drill that simulates the forged handstand.

The Straight Arm Forged / Carry Drill: Have your gymnast sit on the ground with their knees bent and again in opposition to padded wall. Subsequent, have them maintain two very gentle dumbbells with their palms dealing with the ground and the weights resting on the ground till they’re prepared to start the train. Instruct your gymnast to boost their arms ahead and upward towards the ceiling, simulating the forged to handstand. (entrance lateral elevate) As soon as on the high of the raise, enable your gymnast to decrease their armsthe weights by bringing their arms ahead then to a low entrance place. Make certain you instruct your gymnast to maintain their elbows almost straight, however not locked on this drill. As soon as your gymnast has performed an assigned variety of repetitions, have them carry out a good hole forged on bars. Keep in mind, it’s going to take time earlier than your gymnast will construct the energy to actually raise their physique weight utilizing this very small muscle group.

Right here is one other very helpful gymnastics drill is utilizing health bands or surgical tubing because the resistance.

Band Forged: Wrap a remedy band or surgical tubing across the base of very sturdy tools, similar to beam, vault, or bar base. Have your gymnast lie on their again and grasp the band or surgical tubing. Their ft needs to be nearer to the bottom than their head and instruct your gymnast to bend their knees. As soon as your gymnast is in place, instruct them to carry the band very tight as they pull the band from their thighs towards the ceiling after which up towards their head whereas holding their arms straight and near their physique. At this level your gymnast’s arms needs to be touching the ground and their arms needs to be near their ears. As soon as they’ve accomplished the highest portion of the train, enable them to return to the staring place. Instruct your gymnast to return the band slowly going towards the ceiling after which down towards their thighs. This must also carefully simulate the forged to handstand.

After performing these drills regularly, your gymnast ought to grow to be extra accustomed to the sensation of lifting their arms ahead after which up in direction of their head for the forged handstand.

Subsequent, spot your gymnast for some forged handstand drills on bars. Have your gymnast begin in a entrance help on the bar. As soon as they’re in place, instruct them to forged. First, have them bend at their hips and lean ahead. Instruct your gymnast to search for her knees. As soon as she will be able to see her knees, instruct your gymnast to kick her legs up towards the wall behind her. Instruct her to push her hips off the bar after which push down on bar along with her arms and higher physique. Keep in mind, your gymnast should stay tight and hole all through the ability. Make certain your gymnast leans nicely over the bar and be ready for her to break down if she lacks the energy mandatory. Maintain the entrance of her shoulder to forestall her arms from bending along with recognizing her legs. Most gymnasts tend to forged again and never up as a result of they fail to lean ahead sufficient. As soon as your gymnast’s hips are off the bar, you’ll be able to catch her shins and maintain them within the tight and hole place. Make any corrections mandatory at this level. When you and your gymnast are snug with this place, instruct and assist your gymnast to rock ahead (planche) and again to achieve energy in her stomach and higher physique muscular tissues. As soon as your gymnast is snug remaining tight and hole when you rock them ahead and again, raise your gymnast as much as the handstand. (Take precautions! Be certain your gymnast can stay tight and you might be robust sufficient to identify.) You could want so as to add every step over the course of a number of weeks or months, relying upon the gymnast’s particular person energy. After the proper handstand place has been attained, return your gymnast again to the bar in a entrance help place. Ultimately, your gymnast ought to be capable of carry out a number of repetitions every flip.

Keep in mind, good type is simply as important throughout casts as with all different gymnastic expertise. The forged handstand takes a substantial amount of effort and time to attain, however it will possibly make the distinction between the state champion and everybody else. There are extra gymnastics drills and conditioning workout routines for the forged handstand within the ebook, “Gymnastics Drills and Conditioning Workouts.”

At all times hold security in thoughts whereas coaching. Please keep in mind that you’re accountable for your individual private security. If you’re a coach you might be accountable for the protection of your athletes.

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