Grappling Dummy – An Olympian’s View

I’ve been doing Judo for over 22 years and I’ve competed and educated in a number of the hardest dojos and gymnasiums on the planet. For me personally, I used to be a bit of bit skeptical when it got here to the usage of grappling dummies. I had this bizarre perception that grappling dummies had been no good as a result of it wasn’t an actual particular person and subsequently did not react or really feel like an actual particular person. Whereas I used to be coaching for the Beijing Olympics I had a implausible coaching accomplice who was there at any time when I wanted him to coach. With 3 months to go earlier than the Olympics my coaching accomplice bought thrown with a horrible ko soto gari and suffered a torn ACL and wanted a knee reconstruction. This meant that not solely did I lose a coaching accomplice however I misplaced the quantity of repetitions of uchikomi I used to be doing day in and day trip.

One in every of my mates talked about that somebody wanted to invent a robotic that stored standing up the whole lot you throw it- I immediately considered a grappling dummy.
I quickly discovered a blended martial arts gymnasium on the far facet of city that stocked legend grappling dummies.

I began doing lots of and hundred of repetitions of my favorite throws akin to Ippon seoi nage, double leg takedown and Te guruma (excessive crotch). I additionally started engaged on my high management recreation by doing numerous place altering whereas on high and I even started pulling guard with the dummy as a heat up.

Because the Olympics had been getting nearer I started rising my health and conditioning with numerous hill sprints and circuits. To additional improve my throwing method and health ranges I started including throws, takedowns and high management drills to my health circuits. By including throwing to my circuits I discovered that the facility I might generate when throwing a resisting opponent elevated purely as a result of I used to be repeatedly exploding with the intention to throw the dummy. 

As a Judo and Brazilian jujitsu teacher I’m always utilizing the grappling dummy as an additional physique if we’ve got odd numbers in a category. Just a few years later I’m nonetheless discovering issues to do with my dummy akin to chin ups whereas holding the dummy between my legs, push ups, field jumps and zercher squats. Extra just lately I utilized for the native fireplace brigade and as a part of the check I needed to drag or carry 100 pound dummy roughly 100 meters and so I follow with my very own dummy with the intention to go the check.

I extremely encourage my purchasers to make use of a grappling dummy, (particularly if they’re busy and can’t make it to coaching) as a result of in the event that they miss coaching they’ll nonetheless work on their footwork, velocity and improve their throwing velocity within the consolation of their very own properties.

Listed below are a few of my favourite throws I do utilizing the dummy. I often carry out 1 throw after which carry out 2 burpees after every throw. I often attempt for 20-50 throws a set. You are able to do:
– Ippon seoi nage (shoulder throw)
– Koshi Guruma (cross buttocks)
– Morote gari (double leg)
– Single leg into fireplace mans carry (Kata guruma)
– Osoto gari (Main outer reap)
– Juji gatme (arm bar)
– Sankaku jime (Triangle choke)
– Zercher squats 
– Overhead press
– Dummy drags for 3 laps of the dojo

Give these exercises a go and watch your health and technical expertise enhance dramatically.

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